WORLDQUAKE (Short, Comedy) 2017 WELTBEBEN (Kurzfilm) 2017

Celebrated by Film festivals around the World!

A team of young inexperienced filmmakers is shooting a hopeless science fiction film to present to a festival – with the director leading the way and relentlessly pushing his crew members. He is a dreamer truly believing in his visions, even if everyone else is not. Time goes fast, the sun is already setting down, and seems that pretty much everything going wrong. Will they be ready to meet the resignation deadline? And most of all: Is it going to be a good movie?

Winner of 12 Awards & 5 Nominations!

“Delightful meta piece.”

New York Film Awards

“A Magnificent metaphor of a possible dream.”


“We are hope that you will enjoy to watch it, same as we enjoyed to make it! (:”
IMDb worldquake


Cast Director Tobias Pilarski                                      

DOP-Woman Anja Bothe                                            

Make-Up Artist Kristina Kostiv                                    

Earthling Alexandria Emilia Rawa                    

Alien 1 Jarah Maria Anders                            

Alien 2 Loren Shaker                                      

Robot Madeleine Peuker                               

Festival-Announcer Oliver Theurich                                  


Director/ScreenplayRico Herre

IdeaKristina Kostiv

1st ADRobert Alexander Haferkorn

English TranslationAlexandria Emilia Rawa

DoP Ignacio Hennigs

Sound Mixer/Sound Design/Music Oleksandr Shevchenko

EditingJérémy Véron

Color GradingJens Linnebach

Art Direction/CostumeKristina Kostiv, Robert Alexander Haferkorn

ProductionOliver Theurich, Pamela Janina Böse

© 2019 Top Hill Films / Oliver Theurich Produktion

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