ADR services in Berlin.

Bad sound recordings? Unfortunately, that happens very frequently! There is plenty of reasons to cause that! From bad weather conditions or a noisy environment to a misspoken line or offensive language for tv broadcasts of the film. Thanx to the subtle technologies! We are able to fix that with ADR!

Film Sound Berlin providing audio post-production ADR narrative services in Berlin/Germany and worldwide. Those can be required for your next movie, image film, tv program, promotional video, documentary, video game, app, advertising campaign, music box, musicbed or any other project that needs ADR services.

Film Sound Berlin uses high-quality industry standards microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure and legendary preamps from Sound Devices to capture unique characteristics of the speaker without huge colourisation and reducing some frequencies in a voice, which is made voice sound recordings sounds warm and natural.

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