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Field Recording Film Sound Berlin

The film, like any other genre of art, is commonly considered to be a reflection of life around us. Therefore, in order to keep it closer to reality and life, it is necessary on the part of the filmmakers to adopt different techniques. Among them, the technique of field recording is one of the basic and beneficial ones.

Field recording is a term used for audio recording in which sounds are recorded outside a studio on a microphone or any other digital device. They may be natural sounds or sounds produced by humans. These recorded sounds can be used afterward in the making of films or other broadcast shows. Film Sound Berlin emphasizes the pre and post-production processing of field recording as it can be the deciding factor in determining the artistic value of the film at the box office.

Initially, field recording was limited to the recording of natural sounds for films and documentaries but with the development of recording equipment, it has become an art form in itself. As far as its use in the film is concerned, this development has enhanced the sound quality in the movies to a great extent and made it possible for filmmakers to capture many unique and rare sounds professionally. These sounds can be altered or edited afterward as per the requirement of the film.

In any film, apart from the scenery and colours, the sounds also play an important role to alter the mood of the audience. Here, Film Sound Berlin reiterates that to create an evocative effect on people, sounds can be manipulated in a way that would make them feel any particular event or scene more deeply. For example, the sound of traffic or birds playing in the background can be helpful in keeping the realistic effect alive on the screen.

The selection of sound effects depends upon the location and the intensity of a particular scene. It is always the minute and complex sounds that are recorded for this purpose because they are closer to the natural life. Other than this, field recording is also used frequently in animated movies. Many popular films are which based on the themes of wildlife existing in the Antarctic region of the earth are filled with natural sounds that are pre-recorded and then inserted during the editing of the film at the right places to give us a sense of originality about what is happening in the movie.

To Film Sound Berlin, field recording is a prime requirement for making a film successful. Because it keeps the tincture of life intact for the audience and enables them to enjoy this art in its entirety; therefore, Film Sound Berlin provides its clients with the reliable services completed with the help of state-of-the-art machinery to make their work of art exceptionally acceptable.

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