sound design Berlin

Sound design and foley services, sound design Berlin.

In addition, we are providing audio post-production services. Foley and equally important “Sound design Berlin” assistance. In particular, this will be wanted for your next movie or TV program. Also, image film, promotional video or advertising campaign. Moreover. for a documentary, video game or application software. As well as for music box or SoundCloud. Even though a music producer or sound editor find particular services very demanding. Analogous to ADR and voice over services. As well as sound effects which are very beneficial for video production or audio design. Likewise, for any other project that needs those services.

However, every project has very unique needs and special requirements. For instance, some projects need audio restoration and others, for example, a reduce of reverbs and echo. Respectively the audio restoration means to clean the sound from unwantedbackground noises. The reducing of the reverberations as well as echo ensures a clear pronunciation. Some projects are completely silent and they require complete sound settings. This happens through foleys and voice over. This is exactly what we call the sound design Berlin.