tv film sound recording Berlin

Sound recording services for film and TV in Berlin, film sound recording Berlin!

“Film sound recording Berlin” are services that are provided by Film Sound Berlin. We are happy to offer film sound recording service. From studio recordings to outside the studio recordings (field recording) services. As has been noted, film sound recording services are required for the following projects – movie or documentary, a promotional video or an image film. Moreover, a TV program or advertising campaign. Similarly, for a video game or application software. As well as, a music box or any other project that needs film sound recording services.

Therefore, Film Sound Berlin uses high-quality industry standards microphones from NeumannSennheiser, and DPA. Including audio recorders from Sound Devices, which is very famous for its legendary preamps and analog limiters. Those are available for your next project, in order to be able to capture premium sound quality dialogues and atmos for your next project.