What is sound recording for film and tv?

Film sound recording is a very important stage of the film making indeed! It’s can be very challenging to record clean and crisp dialogues and avoid all the disturbing noises like fridges, traffic, cars, tractors, airplanes, etc. A production sound mixer, location sound recordist, location sound engineer or simply sound mixer is a crew member of film or television crew capable for recording complete sound recording on the film set during the filmmaking or television production working with professional audio equipment. It would be used in the end result, or for reference for the sound effects editors or sound designers, or foley artists. This demands selection and deployment of different microphones and mixing of audio signals in real time. The recorded soundtrack would be mixed with other elements; effects, music, narration, foley or ADR. In commercial film productions, I know only one filmmaker who is paying huge attention to the 0 ADR film productions is Quentin Tarantino.

Film Sound Berlin

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