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What is film music?

A film music score is a very unique piece of music, that was written by a music composer for a particular film. It’s can vary in different music styles and genres. And it perfectly creates the desired moods and intentions of the film. From dramatic to funny and everything in between, helps the audience to live the emotional moments of the story.

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What is sound design and foley?

Sound design is a post-production process, which is a crucial part of the film making indeed! It’s would be very useful to improve your film narrative story or to create a completely new one. You can add the sound of the wind, flying leaves and a bird song to your scene, where previously were noisy tractor driving for instance. Foley is recorded material by a sound engineer and performed by the foley artist, opposite to of sound design which is normally used from audio samples. For example, the claps of an audience might be added to a movie to obtain more impressiveness than the original clapping by the actors on the film set. We are seeing, what we are hearing!

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What is voice over and dubbing?

Voice over a is a post-production process, recorded monologue or dialogue recorded by sound engineer and performed by a voice-over artist. Normal use of the voice over is in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc. videos, audio books or learning and advertising films where precise lips synchronisation is not that important. Opposite to a dubbing, where the lips synchronisation is playing a very important role. Dubbing would be used to translate a movie to another language for instance, with all the perfect words intonations and synchronic lips movements of the actors. Instead of just plain monotonic monologues or dialogues.

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What is ADR?

ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) is a post-production process uses special software, which is re-recording poor quality or noisy dialogues at the studio and replace it with desired results. Normally ADR performed by the same actors that was played on film. Often the film director is also involved at ADR sessions, to bring the situation as close as possible to that scene and not to lose any dramaturgy within the process of just dry studio voice recordings.

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What is audio mix for film and tv?

Audio mixing is a quite essential post-production process for film and television productions. The sound engineer mixes the dialogue as well as different audio parts in the film to secure that everything sounds genuine. He modifies the source’s signal level, frequency content, dynamics and panoramic setting are generally shaped and sound effects added. Normally the sound engineer would mix four central audio parts: speech (ADR, dialogues, voice-overs, etc.), ambience, sound effects, and music. The good sounding film is a good sounding audio mix! There is only one way to achieve that, is to give it to sound engineer to work with!

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What is sound recording for film and tv?

Film sound recording is a very important stage of the film making indeed! It’s can be very challenging to record clean and crisp dialogues and avoid all the disturbing noises like fridges, traffic, cars, tractors, airplanes, etc. A production sound mixer, location sound recordist, location sound engineer or simply sound mixer is a crew member of film or television crew capable for recording complete sound recording on the film set during the filmmaking or television production working with professional audio equipment. It would be used in the end result, or for reference for the sound effects editors or sound designers, or foley artists. This demands selection and deployment of different microphones and mixing of audio signals in real time. The recorded soundtrack would be mixed with other elements; effects, music, narration, foley or ADR. In commercial film productions, I know only one filmmaker who is paying huge attention to the 0 ADR film productions is Quentin Tarantino.

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