What is a location sound recording?

What is a location sound recording?

As a matter of fact, “location sound recording” is a very important stage of the movie making indeed. With this in mind, it can be very challenging to record clean and crisp dialogues. As an illustration, it needs to avoid all the disturbing noises. For example, it can be fridges, traffic, cars, tractors, airplanes, etc.
There is a very special member of film or television crew. His responsibilities are – production sound mixer, location sound recordist or location sound engineer or simply sound mixer. He or she must be capable of recording complete sound recording on the film set. In particular should be able to work with professional audio equipment during the filmmaking or television production.

Accordingly, the recorded material would be used at the end. Comparatively for reference for the sound effects editors, sound designers, or foley artists. Equally important is the selection and use of different microphones as well as the mixing of audio signals in real time. Finally, the recorded soundtrack would be mixed with other elements. Such as effects, music, narration, foley and ADR.

To be honest, nowadays there are very few filmmakers in commercial film production, who pays proper attention to the location sound. I  know only one, and his name is
Quentin Tarantino.

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