audio mix services for film tv Berlin

Audio mixing/mastering services for film and TV in Berlin

Audio mix Berlin” is serviced by Film Sound Berlin! We provide post-production mixing and mastering services for film and TV. Eventually, the audio mixing services are necessary to achieve a well-balanced and genuine sound. Generally, “audio mix Berlin” would be very useful for the number of projects. Such as movie or promotional video. Even though image film or TV program. Likewise, documentary or advertising campaign. As well as application software or video game. Finally, music box or any other project that needs audio mixing services.

In addition, Film Sound Berlin uses high-quality industry standards A-D and D-A converters. Just a name a few, legendary SSLRME, and Sound devices. Likewise, the SSL mixing processors such as dynamics, EQ’s, and compressors, etc. Also, we are mixing outside the box on analogue domain. Such as, a summing box from Tonelux. The unique sonic characters of the analogue domain mixing giving the sound recordings genuine warm and natural sound characteristics.

Film & TV sound services in Berlin