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Film Sound Berlin projects

Below you will find some examples of the projects I was working on...

Short film “The Basil Smash” was filmed on iPhone 11 Pro! On the run production by Sebastian Mattukat. Sound recording and sound design made by Film Sound Berlin. 



Short film “Worldquake” is an example of the complete audio production works! Including recording dialogues at the film set, sound design, audio mix and mastering, as well as the music score created by Oleksandr S.

“A thousand words” also a short film, were delivered completely silenced, without any noise or music. All were created from scratch, by the way, it was a closing student work at Wave academy in Berlin, sound design course 2016. Works including sound design, foley, music score, audio mix and mastering by Oleksandr S.

More works…

Here are two examples of sound design and foleys, post-production works for video production made completely from scratch. I received this material absolutely silenced. The third clip had only little atmos and raw pop track inside.

Even more works…

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