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Below you will find some examples of the projects I was working on...

Kaufland Bioland commercial - Sound consulting by Oleksandr S. at Film Sound Berlin. 

Gigantes: Die Monsterwellen von Nazare  - Sound recording and drone footage made by Oleksandr S. at Film Sound Berlin. 

“The Basil Smash” is an incredible short film that showcases the capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro as a filming tool. The on-the-run production was expertly directed by Sebastian Mattukat, who truly brought the story to life. In addition, the sound recording and sound design were executed to perfection by Oleksandr S. at Film Sound Berlin, adding another layer of depth to the film. It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished with this small but mighty device, and “The Basil Smash” is a testament to that creativity and innovation. This film is proof that even with limited resources, filmmakers can still create something truly inspiring and captivating. We can’t wait to see what other incredible stories will be told using the power of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The short film “Worldquake” is an incredible example of the full scope of audio production. The team went all out, starting with recording the dialogues on the film set, ensuring the sound was perfect and synchronized with the moving images. The production also included sound design, which is crucial in creating an immersive and believable experience for the audience. Everything from the ambience to the foley work was done with meticulous attention to detail. And let us not forget the music by Oleksandr S., which seamlessly blends with the overall audio mix. Finally, after every piece of the puzzle was in place, the team finished off with mastering, which ensures that the final product is polished and ready to be shown to the world. This short film is truly a masterpiece in terms of audio production, a must-watch for anyone interested in sound design and film making.

The message mentions the remarkable short film “A Thousand Words”, which was a memorable creation crafted in silence, without any auditory accompaniment such as music or ambient noise. One of the most fascinating aspects of this cinematic masterpiece was that it was entirely produced from scratch, starting from an entirely blank slate. The film’s exceptional quality and brilliance were especially impressive as it was the final student project submitted as part of the sound design course offered by the renowned Wave Academy in Berlin back in 2016. The project was executed flawlessly, with every aspect of the film, including sound design, foley, music score, audio mixing, and mastering, put together by the talented Oleksandr S. Indeed, A Thousand Words serves as an excellent example of what can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and commitment. If you have never seen this incredible work of art, you should definitely make some time to view it.

Waveakademie in Berlin offers a remarkable opportunity for individuals to refine their audio production and music composition skills. With their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced trainers, Waveakademie has become a prime destination for individuals who aspire to hone their craft and pursue their passion in the world of audio production and music composition. Oleksandr S. has taken advantage of this incredible opportunity and has produced awe-inspiring audio pieces that demonstrate his skills and expertise in this field. His compositions are not only a testament to his ability but also to the value of the education and training he has received at Waveakademie. We admire Oleksander S. for his exceptional work and commend Waveakademie for playing such a pivotal role in his achievement.

Sound design and foley are two essential elements of any video production that enhance the overall audio experience for the audience. These two elements require a high level of creativity and skill to create a soundscape that perfectly complements the visuals. In this context, it is worth mentioning that Oleksandr S. has created two exemplary pieces of sound design and foley, taking into consideration the minutest details to create a seamless audio experience. It is important to note that the material provided to him was completely silenced, which means that every sound effect that you hear was added by Oleksandr, demonstrating his immense talent and dedication to his craft. The third clip, however, had limited atmospheric sounds and a raw pop track that required him to creatively and innovatively add layers upon layers of sounds to elevate it to its full potential. Overall, the work showcased the importance and impact of sound design and foley in video production.

Audio mixing is a fundamental aspect of creating high-quality audio content. Mixing audio involves combining multiple audio tracks, adjusting their levels, EQ, panning, and effects to make them sound cohesive and well-balanced. It is a complex process that requires technical expertise and artistic flair. Audio mixing plays a critical role in the final sound quality of music, podcasts, videos, films, and other audio projects. Poor audio mixing can result in an unpolished and unprofessional sound that can be distracting to listeners. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that audio mixing is done correctly to produce a high-quality audio experience. With the growth of the audio industry, audio mixing has become a popular profession, and it continues to offer exciting avenues for creativity and innovation. The represented audio mixing works showcase the skills and expertise of Oleksandr S. in producing top-notch audio content.

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